Have you always wondered what to do with your used K-Cups?

Well, worry no more don’t toss them in the trash you can reuse them for so many different fun and creative household projects.

Reuse K Cups as a Seed Starter


You can reuse K cups as seed starters. All you need to do is add soil, seeds, and a bit of water in an old K-Cup – that’s it.

Chop up garlic and fresh herbs and store it in K-Cups, and then freeze. This is great if you have a garden and have an abundance of herbs growing.


Herb Ice Cube in K Cups

You can also use K-Cups as popsicle molds. Just fill K-Cups with your favorite smoothie or juice and stick it in the freezer.


K Cup Popsicle Molds

K-Cups are a perfect way to store paper clips, rubber bands, staples and any other small office materials you may have.


Organize Your Drawers with K Cup Pods

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