Simple Tips for Cleaning With Limes

Did you know that cleaning with limes is actually a simple way to get certain parts of your home clean?

The next time that you’re looking for a natural cleaner to cut through some of the grime, check out these simple tips for cleaning with limes!

Just add some juice to a spray bottle or put it in a rag and wipe down the windows. Not only does it leave a streak-free shine but it smells really good, too!

Is lime juice good for cleaning windows?

Is lime fruit a disinfectant?

It’s not really a catch all disinfectant but limes and lime juice are a great way to clean, reduce bacteria, fungus, and smells!

If you have a bunch of grease on your stove or even on the window of your microwave, cleaning with lime juice might be just what you need!

Use lime juice to cut through grease

Get rid of the smell

Have you noticed odors coming from your garbage disposal? Get rid of the smell by putting a small chunk of lime into it and letting it sit for a short time.