If you are a true tea lover, surely, you are going through a lot of teabags, but did it ever occur to you that they have other amazing uses?

Here, you’ll discover some easy cleaning with tea bags tips that will 100% help you better take care of your home!

Tannins are plant compounds found in tea and other beverages. Apart from tannins, tea bags are also natural odor absorbers.

Why Tea Bags are Good for Cleaning

Easy and Effective Tips for Cleaning With Tea Bags

Used tea bags make weak tea. Weak tea is great for cleaning and shining mirrors, windows, eyeglasses, and other glass furniture.

Make Glass Look Shiny and New

Tannins in the tea can protect your cast iron cookware from rust as it prevents the oxidation that causes rusting.

Prevent Your Cookware from Rusting

You will be amazed at how little scrubbing you’ll have to do in the morning after the tannins in the tea reduce the grease on your dishes.

Remove Grease from Dishes

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