If you have non stick cookie sheets in your house you’ll need to learn how to clean non stick cookie sheets! Check out this easy guide for tips and tricks!

Cleaning nonstick cookie sheets is tricky because we have to be careful not to scratch the coating! I’m sharing my favorite way to get non-stick cookie sheets clean.

A lot of this can be applied to any of your sensitive cooking and baking gear. If you have non stick pans or pots you can clean them with this method as well!


First we’re going to sprinkle a good amount of baking soda onto the cookie sheet. Make sure you put a thin layer onto any soiled areas of the sheet.

Then pour the white vinegar over top top the baking soda, it will begin to fizz, that’s normal and the reaction will help to lift the grease and grime off the sheets!


Let this mixture sit on the soiled pans for 30 minutes before you try and scrub them clean!


After the pans have had a chance to sit, take your non scratch scrubber and get in there! I find it best to dump off most of the liquid and keep some of the baking soda behind.


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