Cleaning a pumpkin is much easier than you think. Using the right tools, you can get your pumpkin ready for cooking or carving in a flash.

Here, you will learn how to clean out a pumpkin safely and easily using different tools.

First things first, picking a good quality pumpkin is a must regardless of whether you are going to use it for cooking or carving. Make sure to avoid a pumpkin with a rotting stem, bruises, or soft spots.

How do you clean a dirty pumpkin?

If you’re cleaning your pumpkin for cooking, you can cut it in half so you can easily scrape out the seeds. But of course, if you will be using it as a jack-o-lantern, you have to make a hole on top or at the bottom of the pumpkin so you can dig out the seeds.

How do you get everything out of a pumpkin?

– Pumpkin Scoop – Stainless Steel Pumpkin Carving Tools – 5-inch Serrated Utility Knife – Ice Cream Scoop – Mixing Bowls Set – Dry Erase Markers – Vegetable Brush

Useful Tools to Clean Out A Pumpkin

You should scrape out all the seeds and use a clay modeling tool to remove all the guts and strings to smooth the inside surface.

How much do you scrape out of a pumpkin?

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