If you need an easy no bake recipe you have to try this zebra cake! It’s fun, easy, and perfect for sharing! A quick dessert everyone will love.

There’s not a lot of complicated steps and the ingredients for this dessert cake are really simple too. Most of these ingredients we can keep on hand fairly easily and then pull them together when we want a light but indulgent dessert or treat.

– Heavy whipping cream – Chocolate wafer cookies – Raspberries – Chocolate sprinkles


In a large bowl use mixer to whip the cream to stiff peaks.


In the center of a serving dish place a line of whipped cream in the center, this will help the cookies stand up and keep them in place.


Next pipe or spoon a dollop of cream on a cookie and place another cookie on top.


Carefully turn them sideways and place them on one end of the plate on top of the cream. Keep assembling the cake by putting cream on a cookie and adding it to the row.



Next cover the row of cookies completely with whipping cream.