Hand pies are crunchy, oh-so-yummy, and packed with flavorful fillings! They can either be sweet or savory and are so easy to make.

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Ready to bake? Here are some of the best and the easiest hand pie recipes you won’t be able to resist!

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Cherry Hand Pie Recipe


Cute, portable, flaky, and oozing with cherry goodness! If you're having a picnic or a gathering, this adorable and sweet dessert is a must!

Apple Hand Pies with Canned Pie Filling


You'll love it that you'll only need five ingredients and around 40 minutes to make a batch of these mouthwatering apple hand pies!

Peach Hand Pies Recipe


These baked peach hand pies have a delicious combination of peach and spicy cinnamon filling!

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Blueberry Hand Pies


It has a delectable blueberry and cream cheese filling that makes it a wonderful dessert and breakfast.

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Strawberry Hand Pies


These strawberry hand pies are made of crunchy cream cheese crust and delish homemade strawberry pie filling.

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