Whipping up pies is a lot easier and quicker, thanks to canned pie fillings.

Whichever canned pie filling is your favorite, whether it’s cherry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, apple, peach, or even pumpkin, there’s a recipe you can try here!

Nothing could be easier than these cherry bars! This quick and easy recipe only calls for two ingredients such as cherry pie filling and cake mix!

2 Ingredient Cherry Bars

These holiday treats are sure to be a hit! These adorable Christmas themed hand pies are flaky on the outside and stuffed with indulgent cherry pie filling on the inside.

Christmas Hand Pies Recipe

Perfect for Valentine's Day and all kinds of celebrations, these cherry hand pies are perfect for sharing!

Cherry Hand Pie Recipe

Ideal not only as a quick treat but as a breakfast on the go as well, these apple hand pies are a must try!

Apple Hand Pies with Canned Pie Filling

Buttery crescent rolls stuffed with sweet apple pie filling and drizzled with caramel syrup, you'll love to serve these apple pie roll ups for breakfast, brunch, and even as a dessert.

Apple Pie Roll Ups

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