These reindeer donuts are such a fun way to make a Christmas twist on a chocolate donut!

They’re so easy to make, feel free to get the kids in your life involved in creating this festive dessert!

– Chocolate-coated mini donuts – Pretzel twists – Candy eyes – Black icing or gel


Donut Foundation – Start by giving each mini donut a special stage. Place them on a plate, and let the fun begin!


Pretzel Antlers – Now, it’s time for some reindeer flair. Grab your pretzel twists and a serrated knife. Carefully saw each pretzel twist in half. These will become the magical antlers.


Expressive Eyes – Let’s bring those reindeer to life! Grab your tube of black icing or gel. Create two small dots—one on the upper right and one on the upper left of the donut hole.


A Nose for Cuteness – To complete their adorable faces, squeeze a nice, big dot of black gel right in the center of the donut hole. Place a red M&M in the middle of that dot.


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