Want to give your guests a little scare?

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The crowd will freak out with the frightening visuals and the eerily delicious taste of these scary desserts!

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Best Witch Finger Cookies for Halloween Parties


Easy shortbread cookie witch fingers look so real your guests will scream with delight!

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Halloween Hocus Pocus Spellbook Brownies Recipe


Put a spell on your regular boxed brownie mix before baking to make them extra special and into Hocus Pocus spell book brownies.

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Bloody Glass Shard Red Velvet Cake


Decadent red velvet cake layered with fluffy buttercream frosting then topped off with a bloody drizzle and candy glass shards are sure to be a hit at any Halloween event!

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Halloween Pavlova with Bloody Eyeballs


Bloody Eyeball Halloween Pavlova is easy to make, visually stunning - and GROSS! - super tasty, and sure to please at your Halloween party!

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Jack Skellington Pie for Halloween | Cherry Balsamic Pie


This Jack Skellington Pie is a fun and spooky way to serve up a halloween pie.

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PHOTO CREDIT: www.hezzi-dsbooksandcooks.com