End your meals with a sweet note by whipping up these creamy, decadent, and delightful cool whip desserts!

These easy cool whip desserts are mouth wateringly delicious but are super simple to make, even the kids can whip them up.

Pistachio Salad


Great for sharing, this pistachio or watergate salad recipe will be wonderful to take to your next potluck! It's loaded with texture and flavors but is light and indulgent as well.

This dessert will no doubt become a hit! It does not require baking and has layers of chocolatey goodness that you will be able to get enough of.


Chocolate Lasagna | No Bake Chocolate Pudding Dessert

Kid-friendly and ideal for festivities, parties, and holidays, this grinch dip recipe is an amazing pair for pretzels, cookies, fruits, and a lot more. You can whip up this dessert in just ten minutes!


Grinch Dessert Dip

Banana Pudding Dip


Delight that banana lover with this delish banana pudding dip! It only needs banana cream flavor instant pudding, cool whip, cold milk, and vanilla wafers.

4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Parfait


This peanut butter parfait is not only quick, oh so easy to make, and delicious but is Weight Watchers friendly as well.

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