If you’re looking for a hearty pasta dish that even the pickiest eater will enjoy, then you’ll want to make this beef stuffed shells recipe!

This recipe combines flavors from Italian and Mexican cuisines, making it a dish that everyone will love!

– Stuffing pasta – Ground beef – Tomato sauce – Chicken broth


Heat a frying pan with olive oil. Place the minced meat in a single layer and fry until white. Add salt, pepper and spices. Stir the mince.


Clean the chili from the insides and chop finely. Add chili to the pan, add chopped garlic, broth and 2 tbsp. tomato paste. Stew over medium heat under a lid until the broth has evaporated.


Stir in the corn kernels and bring the stuffing to a boil. Cool the stuffing.


Read the instructions on the pasta packet. Boil in salted water with the bay leaf according to the instructions until al dente, reducing the cooking time by 3 minutes.


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