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The Best Yellow Squash Recipes

Yellow squash are a type of summer squash that have a soft skin and tender flesh. They have edible seeds, are easy to clean / cook, and can be enjoyed in a variety of recipes! Enjoy all of these great posts about yellow squash available here at Cook Clean Repeat!

We’re going to cover everything from how to clean and prep a yellow squash to the best ways to make them into lunches, dinners, and even desserts! There is something for everyone here so be sure to check out all the great recipes you can enjoy with squash this summer.

For anyone who has ever grown yellow squash in their garden I’m sure you know that when they get ripe they are ALL RIPE AT ONCE. It can be overwhelming to figure out what to do with them all before they spoil!

No worries, with all of these awesome recipes on hand you will never have to worry about having too many squash at once. Fresh yellow squash will be your new favorite ingredient after you’ve tired out some of these tasty recipes.

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Featured image showing the finished yellow squash recipes

What is the difference between squash and zucchini?

Some varieties of zucchini and yellow squash look very similar. Truth be told you can interchange them pretty easily in most of these recipes but the main difference is the skin!

Typically zucchini have a slightly thicker skin that isn’t always the greatest to eat. If you pick them relatively juvenile the skin has a similar texture and thickness in both varieties.

Yellow squash and zucchini are both summer squash that have seeds, tender flesh, and mild flavor. You can enjoy both in most recipes and I see them mislabeled in the grocery story quite frequently so don’t worry if you think you have the wrong type.

Unless the skin is very thick or hard you don’t have to worry about adjusting the recipes you are making.

yellow squash

Are squash healthy / good for you?

Yellow squash are great for you! They have lots of vitamin A, B6, and C! They also contain good amounts of folate, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. With fiber and riboflavin they make a great addition to your diet since a lot of us don’t get many of these things in our other daily foods.

Yellow squash has a lot of water content and fiber which means that you can consume quite a lot of it without worrying about adding many calories to your diet. With the great vitamin and mineral content it really does make an excellent addition to your healthy diet / eating plan.

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Kitchen essentials for tasty recipes:

When you head into the kitchen to make some of these great recipes you’ll want to have the best tools on hand.

I like half sheet baking pans that are quality, I line sheets with silicone baking mats. These are great for all kinds of baking and not just cookies! My husband loves them for making biscuits, pizzas, and more!

Of course mixing bowls, a mixerspatula, and some whisks should be on your list if you don’t have ones that you love. I also like to have a set of cooling racks so that my recipes can properly cool before they’re scarfed down by my family!

Finished pan of the squash and zucchini casserole ready to serve.

Yellow Squash Recipes For Breakfast / Dessert:

Let’s get right to the point here…we’re starting with the most important category: dessert…I mean breakfast! These recipes are great for breakfast and even dessert. You probably didn’t think you could use yellow squash for breakfast or dessert but I’m here to change your mind about that.

Lemon Yellow Squash Bread

This lemon yellow squash bread is amazing. It’s so moist and flavorful. It’s got a sweet sugary glaze that just sets it off. There’s nothing better for a sweet treat or a delicious start to the day.

Top down view of the finished lemon summer squash bread ready to eat.

Lunch and Dinner Recipes Using Yellow Squash:

If you are looking for more recipes to fill out your lunches and dinners on that meal plan you have to check out some of these delicious lunch and dinner options that use yellow squash. They’re simple to make and prep (because of course we’re not doing overly complicated here at CCR) and many of these can be made in advance and reheated!

Squash and Zucchini Casserole

If you want to use some squash AND zucchini together you have to try out this casserole. It’s simple to prep and makes a great weeknight dinner recipe when things are hectic.

Summer Squash Stew

Summer squash stew uses squash and some other light ingredients to make a stew that is perfect for those warmer months when you wouldn’t necessarily think about making stew at all!

Chicken and Yellow Squash Casserole

This squash casserole uses chicken to give it a nice added protein boost! It’s a great recipe that will keep you full and focused all day. Perfect for lunches and dinners.

Baked Yellow Squash Recipe

Try out some baked squash for a tasty twist on an easy roasted squash recipe. You’ll love how simple it is but the flavors pop and are just so perfectly fresh!

Pork and Yellow Squash Skillet

Pork and squash skillets are a great weeknight dinner because you can make the whole thing in your skillet and then there’s less cleanup and prep to do!

The Perfect Yellow Squash Recipe

This is a great and really easy way to get started trying out squash recipes. If you aren’t sure what you really want to make, give this easy recipe a try. It’s flexible, simple to make, and uses limited ingredients.

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