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Infused Water Recipes

This page is all about infused water recipes. I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes, tools, and tips to help you drink more water and actually enjoy it!

Hopefully, these recipes and tools will help to get you excited about drinking water. Water is essential to many aspects of proper body functions and you’ll notice that by drinking more water you not only feel better but you look better too!

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Not only is water a healthy and refreshing drink, but it’s also a smart choice if you are counting calories, working on a Keto diet, or just trying to keep your sugar intake in check.

What are the heath benefits of drinking more water?

Water is the best tool we have for staying hydrated. It hydrates better than any sweetened beverage and is also less difficult for the body to use than sodas, juices, or milk.

Drinking more water and infused water recipes has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, digestive health, and it can even improve your skin!

Water helps to remove toxins from the body and balance your blood sugar levels so to say it is a multitasking genius might be an understatement!

Drinking plenty of water also helps your joints and muscles function properly. If you like to workout or just find yourself feel stiff and achey, try drinking more water! It can help keep your body functioning in tip top shape!

If you find yourself with headaches that you can’t explain…drink more water! Staying hydrated properly has been shown to ease headaches.

Can water help you lose weight?

Lots of people wonder if water can help in weight loss and many studies have concluded that it can, in fact, aid in weight loss.

Water and infused water recipes can help speed up your metabolism which helps to burn more calories but it also helps you to feel full, longer, so you don’t feel hungry as frequently.

Another way that water helps the body to lose weight is by ridding the body of toxins. You are flushing out the bad stuff!

Water is a natural appetite suppressant so before you turn to pills, potions, or other ridiculous additives, try some plain old water!

Does sparkling water really hydrate you?

The next question people usually ask is about sparkling or seltzer water. These beverages have skyrocketed to popularity as more and more people cut out sugary beverages like soda.

If you like the bubbles but are trying to cut back on chemicals, sweeteners, and all the other junk in soda…try sparkling water!

Unsweetened sparkling water or flavored seltzer water is just as good for your body as regular flat or still water. There’s no evidence that sparkling water is less skilled at hydrating the body nor are there any health drawbacks to drinking more sparking water!

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How can I drink more water on the go?

If you are looking for a way to up your water intake while on the go, try finding a bottle that you really love. Reuseable water bottles are great for a busy lifestyle, they’re also awesome for the environment.

These easy to clean water bottles are awesome and great for inspiring more water drinking throughout the day!

Another way I like to remind myself to drink water is with some recurring alarms set through my phone or my home assistant.

They just chirp at me throughout the day to remind me to drink some more of my favorite infused water recipes! It’s a great way to make sure I’m meeting my hydration goals!

Need some infused water recipes?

I’m sharing some of my favorite infused water recipes with you today! I love using fruit to infuse my recipes but you can use all sorts of things! Check out these recipes below for more inspiration.

Fruit Infused Water | This fresh and delicious recipe is easy to make and made with super common ingredients so anyone and everyone can make a batch of this infused water recipe right away!

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Lemon Balm Water | If you like more of a classic infused water recipe try this secret ingredient water recipe…it’s infused with lemon balm which has even more added benefits than water alone!

Secret Ingredient Lemon Water! At the top of photo of two glasses of water with lemon, leaves, limes, and paper straws.

Strawberry Lemon Water | This strawberry lemon water is easy to make. So fresh, refreshing, and delicious!

Pin showing the finished strawberry lemon water recipe.