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Christmas Eve Snacks

Christmas Eve is a magical night, filled with anticipation and excitement for the day to come. What better way to start the celebration than with some delicious snacks?

Whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying a quiet evening at home, Christmas Eve snacks are a must-have. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Christmas Eve snack ideas

No Bake Nutella Reindeer Cookies

Photo Credit: Cook Clean Repeat.

This no bake cookie idea is so much fun to make and share! They are easy, adorable and best of all tasty!

Get the recipe: No Bake nutella reindeer cookies.

Christmas Lasagna

Layers of red and green dessert lasagna.
Photo Credit: The Soccer Mom.

Make this layered Christmas dessert with cookies, cheesecake and pudding to make a holly jolly sweet fitting for Christmas eve!

Get the recipe: Christmas lasagna.

Grinch Wafers

Sugar wafers dipped in green candy with a Grinchy red heart.
Photo Credit: Unique Gifter.

These easy cookies have Grinchy vibes, but need no baking time as they use sugar wafers. Make these for Christmas eve to share, or whip them up to snack on during your yearly viewing of the classic cartoon.

Get the recipe: Grinch wafer cookies.

Mini Quiche Trees 

Mini quiches with edible broccoli tree toppers.
Photo Credit: Happy Kitchen.

These mini quiches use broccoli romanesco to make a flavorful and adorable little tree topper. This makes a good option to combat all of the sweets Christmas eve calls for.

Get the recipe: Mini quiche trees.

Christmas Crack Dip

A bowl of chocolate toffee dip with saltine crackers.
Photo Credit: Homemade Hooplah.

This dip is so good that your loved ones won’t be able to stay away from it. It has chocolate and toffee inside, and you serve it with saltine crackers for a snack that is perfect for a holiday gathering of friends, or to leave out for Santa.

Get the recipe: Christmas crack dip.

Christmas Cakesicles 

Cake on a stick in Christmas colors.
Photo Credit: The Cookie Dough Diaries.

Cakesicles are perfect for Christmas eve. They are fun to share and not too complicated to make for a special snack. You could also wrap these up and send your loved ones home with a slice of cake to go.

Get the recipe: Christmas cakesicles.

Christmas Hand Pies

Hand pies that look like Christmas trees.
Photo Credit: 365 Days of Baking and More.

Get the recipe: Make hand pies with cherry filling for a perfect night before Christma snack. With sweet fruity filling, flaky crust and a sweet dusting of sugar over the top, this is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth as you await the arrival of Santa!

Get the recipe: Christmas hand pies.

Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls shaped and decorated to look like Christmas trees.
Photo Credit: Unique Gifter.

This recipe is just so adorable! It is also so easy to make in your air fryer for the coziest Christmas tree treat to share on Christmas eve. Save one for Santa to fuel his travels if you can!

Get the recipe: Cinnamon roll Christmas trees.

Christmas Oreos

Oreo cookies with Christmas designs.
Photo Credit: I Heart Naptime.

You will love this no bake snack idea for Christmas eve. Everyone loves oreo cookies, so decorating them for the holiday makes for a snack no one will shy away from.

Get the recipe: Christmas oreo cookies.

Snowman Pretzels Rods

Snowman pretzel rods with red candy scarves.
Photo Credit: Dancing Through the Rain.

Make these snowman pretzel rods for a Christmas eve snack that guests will melt for. These are so easy, yet so cute. Plus they have the perfect blend of sweet and salty flavors.

Get the recipe: Snowman pretzel rods.

Reindeer Brownies

Brownies cut into triangles to look like reindeer faces.
Photo Credit: Swirls of Flavor.

Fudgy brownies pair perfectly with a cup of cocoa, or eggnog on Christmas eve. These reindeer brownies are so easy to decorate and are sure to make your Christmas eve feel extra special.

Get the recipe: Reindeer brownies.

Christmas Cheesecake

A cheesecake with chocolate crust and candy cane topping.
Photo Credit: Everyday Eileen.

This is the most luscious, festive cheesecake ever! It has a creamy filling, chocolate crust and of course, some festive candy! Your guests will jingle all the way back for seconds after one bite.

Get the recipe: Christmas cheesecake.

Chocolate Snowman Candy Cups

Candy cups with snowman designs on top.
Photo Credit: Primavera Kitchen.

These candy cups are the definition of chocolate decadence! With a cute snowman design, these would make a great homemade gift to share with friends.

Get the recipe: Chocolate snowman candy cups.

Reindeer Bark

Chocolate bark with pretzel antlers and red noses.
Photo Credit: Homemade Interest.

Chocolate bark is such a fun snack to share! This recipe is ultra easy to follow and is delicious. Share it on Christmas eve, or package it into a pretty tin and gift it to someone special with a sweet tooth.

Get the recipe: Reindeer bark.

Christmas Puppy Chow

A tin of chex mix with candy.
Photo Credit: Dishes with Dad.

This easy snack mix is a great option for Christmas eve. It has cereal and candy so you can have a crunchy and sweet snack on hand. Your guests will love munching on this as they exchange holiday gifts on Christmas eve.

Get the recipe: Christmas puppy chow.

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