29 Easy Valentine Desserts for Work

Become everyone’s favorite coworker this year by creating one of these easy Valentine desserts for work!

Do you want to make Valentine’s Day special for your co-workers without breaking the bank? Look no further than easy Valentine dessert recipes!

Here, we’ll explore some of the best and most delicious treats to share with your colleagues. From quick cupcakes to fancy fondant cakes, we’ve got something for everyone. Let’s get baking and show our love in a tasty way!

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What are some easy Valentine’s Day desserts I can make for work?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday known for it’s yummy treats to share with the people in your lives. The list we have created below has some really great easy Valentine dessert ideas that you can create to bring along with you to work. 

There are great options for sweet treats, so you’re bound to find something that will be a big winner when you bring it to share with your colleagues at work! 

two baked goods formed into the shape of hearts sitting on a plate

What are some easy Valentine’s Day desserts that I can make ahead of time?

There are a lot of Valentine’s Day recipes that you can make ahead of time so you don’t fall behind on the day that you want to bring them to work with you! 

There are different tarts, brownies, cookies, and fudge recipes that you could easily make the day before going to work! 

If you do find that you have to bake your Valentine’s Day dessert on the day of however, we have included some recipes that are very quick and easy to make. Some also have as few as two ingredients!

It doesn’t get easier than that! 

two cupcakes on a plate with valentines hearts on the icing

What are some easy Valentine’s Day desserts that I can make with kids?

You could definitely make some of these treats with your kids! If you’re planning to make some of these Valentine dessert recipes for your workplace, just double up the ingredients and share some with the kids too!

The recipes in this list will definitely get some love from the kids in your life, especially the chocolate lovers!

vanilla cupcakes with pink hearts on the icing

Helpful tools for making these easy Valentine Desserts for work

What should I bring as a drink to go with my Valentine Desserts for work?

If you want to go above and beyond, you can also bring a drink to serve with your Valentine dessert! Coffee is often a popular choice to bring. Be sure to bring a milk/creamer option and some sugar since everyone likes their coffee done differently.

You could also buy a big batch of coffee from a nearby coffee shop.

Another option for drinks could be to bring juice or hot chocolate, especially for those who may not be coffee drinkers.

There’s no need to feel obligated to bring a drink though, anyone who is thirsty can grab a glass of water!

What are some easy Valentine’s Day desserts that are also healthy?

There are so many wonderful, healthy recipes that you can make for Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to see some great suggestions, you can see some healthy Valentine dessert recipes here!

two brownies in the shape of hearts sitting on a plate

What desserts can I bring for allergies?

You’ll want to be mindful of possible allergies! If it’s a smaller work environment, maybe go around ahead of time and ask your colleagues if they have anything that they’re allergic to.

If you’re not able to do that, then it would be best to avoid common allergens that are in baking such as nuts.

Though less common, some people may be allergic to milk or egg products too, so just let people know before they’re served if that is a part of your ingredient list!

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chocolate cake slice on a plate with hearts around it

What desserts don’t need refrigeration?

In the list below, we’ve made sure to choose recipes that don’t rely on needing to be kept cold for serving so it should be easy to bring to work with you in case you don’t have access to a fridge or freezer.

You’ll likely want to keep the Valentine’s dessert out of the sun, but keeping them in a cool spot out of direct sunlight should be more than enough!

Easy Valentine Desserts for Work

Create some Valentine recipes that everyone at your workplace is bound to love. Show everyone how much you care with these east Valentine desserts for work!

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