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Delish Tortellini Salad Recipes

What’s amazing about tortellini salad is that it’s so easy to make and so versatile! It can be a delicious side dish, but it can also be a great meal on its own. That’s why I’m sharing these different tortellini salad recipes with you, fit them into your meal plan however you can! 

Tortellini salads are perfect for meal prep, family gatherings, and parties. They are indulgent, and light while also being filling. These recipes are not too intense or heavy. Tortellini salad can be served at dinner or lunch, and nobody will complain!

If you’re here to look for new tortellini salad recipes that are easy to follow and only need a few simple ingredients, you’ll surely have fun browsing the list of recipes below! Make sure to check them out and share them with your family and friends!

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How long does it take for tortellini to cook? 

To start, tortellini salads are very easy to make because tortellini only require a few minutes to cook. The fillings inside this ring-shaped Italian pasta are already precooked, that’s why it only needs a few minutes of cooking time! 

Frozen and dried tortellini need a few minutes longer to cook than fresh tortellini. You need about 10-11 minutes to cook dried tortellini, while 6-7 minutes will do for frozen tortellini. 2-3 minutes for fresh tortellini is plenty of time.  

You can easily tell when the tortellini is done and cooked. They will puff up a little and float to the top of the water. You do not exactly have to stick to the time, it’s only important that you’ll keep an eye on them while cooking to see when they float and begin to puff up! 

How long will cooked tortellini last in the refrigerator? 

Fresh tortellini should be refrigerated at all times. If you have an unopened container and they are refrigerated properly they can last for about two to three days. On the other hand, frozen tortellini can be kept for several months when properly stored. Dried tortellini has a shelf life of one year or more. 

It’s safe to refrigerate leftover tortellini salad. Just take note to put it in the fridge no more than two hours after serving it, especially when the weather is hot. If left too long without being chilled they should be tossed instead of kept for leftovers.  

According to Healthline, leftover tortellini and other stuffed pasta can last in the fridge for three to five days. However, it will still vary based on the ingredients used in each dish. Remember to use your senses in examining the pasta to make sure that it’s not spoiled before you eat leftovers.  

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