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Easy Baked Pudding Recipes

Love baked goods but don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen? You’ll surely fall in love with these easy-baked pudding recipes! They are delicious, decadent, and oozing with goodness — you’ll want to try them right away!

Baking is fun, especially if you’re making an easy baked treat that doesn’t require you to exert too much time and effort. And that’s exactly what these simple baked pudding recipes are for!

Whether you are a huge fan of cake puddings, bread puddings, or other baked pudding goodies, I’ve got a list that will surely satisfy your cravings!  

easy baked pudding recipes

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Why Would I Bake Pudding? 

There are four ways to prepare and make puddings: chilled, baked, steamed, and boiled. For today, I’ll help you discover some of the best easy baked pudding recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

We all know how simple and delicious pudding desserts can be. Taking them to the next level through baking makes dessert time even more fun and exciting!

If you and your family are big pudding lovers, you’ll certainly have to try some of these recipes. They will require you to turn your oven on, but I promise, this little effort will be so worth it. 

easy baked pudding desserts

Any Baking Tips I Should Remember When Making A Baked Pudding? 

Baking is both science and art. If you are not into baking or you are just starting the hobby, you’ll have to take note of some important things to make sure that your baked goods will be successful. 

  • Use the right measuring cups. Use dry measuring cups for dry goods and liquid measuring cups for liquids. A simple tip, but it will save you from so much trouble.
  • Always remember to preheat the oven. Oven temperature hugely affects the color and texture of your baked goods.
  • Consider the ingredients that need to be at room temperature. Prepare your ingredients at least 30 minutes or an hour in advance to avoid lumpy frostings or flat-baked goods.

Easy Cake Pudding Recipes

Cake pudding is an exceptional sweet treat that combines two satisfying desserts in one! A fluffy cake on top and creamy pudding on the bottom, who would dare say no to this heavenly goodness? You'll surely drool over these recipes!

Delish Bread Pudding Recipes

Bread pudding is another easy and amazing comfort food you can make at home with left-over bread, milk, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. But of course, to turn your stale bread into a more appetizing dessert, here are more unique bread pudding recipes you can try.

Other Easy Baked Pudding Recipes

Still searching for more baked pudding recipes? Check out these easy and delectable recipes and give them a try!

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