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15 White Chocolate Desserts

Delight everyone who has a sweet tooth with these easy and quick to make white chocolate desserts! This recipe collection is filled with white chocolate flavored fudge, truffles, blondies, cheesecakes, cakes, mousse, and other more drool inducing desserts!

White chocolate lovers or not, even those who don’t have a sweet tooth will not be able to resist the yumminess of these white chocolate desserts! These desserts do not require special ingredients and are rather simple to make. 

Satisfy your cravings today by giving these white chocolate desserts a try! These sweet treats are also great for sharing and are perfect for any occasion. Aside from a recipe or two to impress the crowd, you’ll certainly find a new family favorite dessert here as well! 

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Can you substitute white chocolate chips for white chocolate squares?

Yes! Most of these dessert recipes will either call for white chocolate baking squares or white chocolate chips. These ingredients are interchangeable, just swap in equal amounts based on weight. 

However, you also have to take note that chocolate chips do not melt easily like chocolate baking bars. Chocolate chips have stabilizers such as vegetable oil that make them resistant to melting, hence they become lumpy and thick when melted. 

This won’t matter if you’re making brownies but could be a problem if you need to achieve a smoother consistency for chocolate sauce or fudge recipes. 

Using a kitchen scale will make it easier for you to substitute white chocolate chips for baking squares or vice versa in equivalent amounts. If you don’t have a kitchen scale, an 8 ounce bar of baking chocolate roughly equals 1 1/4 cups of chocolate. 

What can I make with white chocolate?

Unlike other types of chocolates, white chocolate does not contain any ground cocoa beans or solids. Its main ingredients are cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, hence the white color and unique delicate flavor.  

White chocolate’s incomparable flavor makes it an ideal pair to any type of fruit and a versatile ingredient to many kinds of desserts! It’s milky, sweet, smooth, and has a creamy mouthfeel. 

White chocolate is certainly a must try ingredient in baking and cooking. It can be caramelized and roasted and it can turn into amazing confections such as fudge, cheesecake, dips, mousse, pie cups, truffles, brownies, sugar wafers, cake pops, and a lot more! Make sure to check out all the many options below!

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What kitchen essentials do I need to make these delectable white chocolate desserts?

These white chocolate desserts are super easy to make but even more so if you have the right set of kitchen tools. You might want to consider getting these products to make your cooking experience easier and more fun.

These items will be essential in making these confections but will also be useful to more of your cooking endeavors in the future. 

Plus, they make a great gift idea as well. If you’re looking for a gift for a fellow home cook in your life or just for yourself, these kitchen essentials are worth considering.

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15 White Chocolate Desserts

Easy White Chocolate Desserts to Make!

These white chocolate desserts will please all white chocolate lovers! You'll love the fact that aside from being mouth wateringly delicious and sweet, these confections are also quick to make!

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