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Simple Tips for Cleaning With Limes

Did you know that cleaning with limes is actually a simple way to get certain parts of your home clean? The next time that you’re looking for a natural cleaner to cut through some of the grime, check out these simple tips for cleaning with limes!

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And since we’re talking about limes, let’s all stop and appreciate that limes are tasty too! You can try them out in this Key Lime Pie recipe.

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Do limes have antibacterial properties?

There have been studies that have shown that it can have an effect on reducing certain bacteria but it’s not an all-encompassing way to disinfect or clean.

Limes can have antibacterial properties and also anti-fungal properties! It’s a great natural cleaner that can help you reduce bacterial and fungus in your home!

Is lime fruit a disinfectant?

While it’s not quite like using Clorox or alcohol to disinfect the lime and lime juice help to reduce bacteria on surfaces.

It’s not really a catch all disinfectant but limes and lime juice are a great way to clean, reduce bacteria, fungus, and smells!

Limes also have a higher acidity to them which can help with cleaning purposes.

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Is lime juice good for cleaning windows?

Cleaning windows is one of the biggest things that limes work well on.

Just add some juice to a spray bottle or put it in a rag and wipe down the windows. Not only does it leave a streak-free shine but it smells really good, too!

Another way that you can use lime juice for cleaning in your home is to tackle areas that need some extra scrubbing like shower doors or rusty areas.

Hard water build-up is common in showers so using some lime juice to get rid of it can work wonders!

Lime juice can also help to take away rusty areas on water handles, etc.

Simple Tips for Cleaning With Limes

Since limes are inexpensive and easy to find, why not use them to your benefit when it comes to cleaning your home as well?

Since we already mentioned the fact that you can use them to clean your windows and hard water stains, here are some other ways that you can start cleaning with limes.

Use lime juice to cut through grease

If you have a bunch of grease on your stove or even on the window of your microwave, cleaning with lime juice might be just what you need!

See if you can’t break down the grease all by using a bit of lime!

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Get rid of the smell

Have you noticed odors coming from your garbage disposal? Get rid of the smell by putting a small chunk of lime into it and letting it sit for a short time.

It’s a simple and natural way to try to eliminate some of the smells coming from your garbage disposal.

Now that you know about these simple ways that you can start cleaning with limes, it’s time to try them out and see if they work for you!

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  1. Good to know I didn’t know he could clean windows with lime juice and I work in a restaurant and so yes that is a very good tip to know plus I am all about natural products and doing D. I. Y

  2. Great tips! I have been slowly using up my chemical packed cleaners and have been replacing them with natural or homemade products instead… Lemons and limes are a huge staple for this!
    Jenna ♥
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