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Easy Meatloaf Recipes To Try Tonight!

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When fall rolls around I normally start looking for recipes that require baking. But those ways are slowly changing. Now with today’s plethora of tabletop and small appliances you can bake all year long. Turn on your toaster oven, Instant Pot, or slow cooker and you can even cook meatloaf recipes all year long.

These recipes are great for a hearty dinner! The best part about meatloaf for dinner is the leftovers. Nothing beats a good meatloaf sandwich on white bread.

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If you have never made a chocolate bark recipe before this is a great place to start. Chocolate bark is usually a little more involved and this recipe is just a simple melting and add some embellishments kind of thing instead.

I really like that you can let kids help with this one. Once the chocolate is on the parchment paper and cooling there’s nothing dangerous they have to deal with. You can let them design the reindeer however they like! It’s a great way to let them help make chocolate reindeer bark for their classmates, teachers, or friends.

What do I need to make this chocolate reindeer bark?

This recipe uses candy eyes, red M&M’s, small twist pretzels, chocolate chips, wax paper, and cooking spray. You can sub in gluten free pretzels if you need to make this one gluten free / gluten sensitive friendly! 

You can also use smaller or bigger eyes depending on what you find / what is available. It’s pretty easy to create these reindeer, once you see the process you’ll be making them every time you need a dessert during the holidays.

Kitchen essentials for tasty no bake recipes:

When you head into the kitchen to make some of these great recipes you’ll want to have the best tools on hand.

Of course mixing bowls, a mixerspatula, and some whisks should be on your list if you don’t have ones that you love. I also like to have a set of cooling racks so that my recipes can properly cool before they’re scarfed down by my family!

I like these casserole dishes from Pyrex which are great for no bake recipes and for all your favorite dinners, cakes, and casseroles.

You can’t go wrong with some good sharp knives and a cutting board. They will always come in handy in the kitchen for recipes of any kind, even desserts!

How to make Rudolph chocolate bark:

These easy to follow instructions and photos will help you create some adorable chocolate Rudolph snacks. Even kids can follow along and make some tasty chocolate treats.

Pour the chocolate chips into a sauce pan and lightly spray with cooking spray.

Melt the chocolate chips over medium heat.

Lay out a piece of wax paper.

Spread the melted chocolate onto the wax paper in two-three inch circles.

Add two pretzels for antlers.

Then add two candy eyes.

Place a red m&m onto the chocolate for a nose. 

Let the chocolate harden.

pin for meatloaf recipes roundup

When you have ground meat of any kind there is a good chance you can turn it into meatloaf.

You don’t have to stick to just beef when cooking a meatloaf. So many meatloaf recipes can be made with turkey, pork, sausage, or even ground chicken.

Besides being delicious, these meatloaf recipes are easy. You can put all of the ingredients in one bowl, mix, add to your loaf pan and bake.

Spooning ground meat until a white bowl of bread crumbs.

Meatloaf Making Tips:

Meatloaf is classic comfort food that is also a budget stretcher. You can use the leftovers for sandwiches and even crumble them for quick soups or stews.

Besides being delicious, this turkey meatloaf recipe is so easy. You can put all of the ingredients in one bowl, mix, add to your loaf pan and bake. This recipe is sure to become a new family favorite.

Cooked meatloaf in a loaf pan.

Here’s another great tip: While you are making one meatloaf recipe, you may as well double it. Bake one and freeze one. Or better yet bake two and use the extra for sandwiches as a meal later in the week or for lunches.

Meatloaf Storage Tips:

You can make your meatloaf ahead of time and store it covered in the refrigerator for two to three days before baking.

You can also freeze an uncooked meatloaf to bake at a later time. Thaw and bake as directed.

Store your leftover meatloaf in the refrigerator for up to four to five days and use for sandwiches or even crumble to use as pizza toppings or casserole ingredients.

meatloaf recipes photo

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Delicious Meatloaf Recipes

Meatloaf is a classic family meal with so many great recipes option and adaptations. The list has everything from Grandma's favorite meatloaf recipe to eggless and even some healthy twists.

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