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Mouthwatering Pudding Desserts You Have to Try Today!

Pudding desserts are some of the most delicious and the easiest sweet treats you can make for your family. Within 30 minutes or so, you can whip up a mouthwatering and impressive dessert effortlessly!

Whatever season it may be, with or without occasion, pudding desserts can easily wow your guests, friends, and family! Plus, pudding is not only great as a dessert. It’s also a wonderful comfort food and snack anyone would like to have any time of the day. 

From chocolate pudding to fruit-flavored pudding to layered pudding, I’ve prepared the list of the best pudding desserts just for you! I promise, they are all so easy to make, super delectable, oh-so-soft, and smooth; you’ll have fun making them too. 

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Is There Any Difference Between Regular and Instant Pudding Mixes? 

Cook-and-serve or regular pudding mix and instant pudding mix are both shortcut ingredients for desserts we are so lucky to have. Both mixes come in powder form, are boxed, and make our lives easier!

Instant and regular pudding mix are also both made up of pre-gelatinized starch and milk. These ingredients make puddings soft, creamy and have a custard-like texture. Regular pudding requires cooking and takes a bit of time to set, while instant pudding only needs to be whisked up with milk and it will set instantly.

In conclusion, there’s not much difference between the two. You can use whichever you prefer or use what each recipe indicates to avoid issues with the recipes. In any case you’ll certainly end up with a yummy dessert that your whole family will love!

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How to Thicken Instant Pudding?

Did your instant pudding not set as expected? Don’t worry! Your delicious dessert can still be saved! If you’ve used instant pudding, but it didn’t set after about five minutes, it must be because of the type of milk you have used, or you might have added too much liquid. 

Whole milk is highly suggested to reach the best instant pudding consistency. Other types of milk can be used, but you will need to make adjustments to your recipe. 

On the other hand, a thin pudding caused by too much liquid can be resolved by adding more pudding mix. If you don’t have extra pudding mix, you can also use starch. However, remember that whatever starch (cornstarch or tapioca) you’ll use, you have to heat it until its point of gelatinization to make sure that it will work.

Some of Our Best Pudding Desserts

Here at Cook Clean Repeat, we love making effortless but delectable recipes like pudding desserts! And thus, I'll take this chance to share some of them with you here. Check out some of these must-try pudding recipes!

Layered Pudding Desserts

Love to feast on indulgent, delicious, and layered pudding desserts? You'll want to save this list of recipes for sure!

Chocolate Pudding Desserts

There are lots of puddings you can try, but nothing can beat the classic chocolate pudding. If you are craving it, you must check out these recipes!

Other Delicious Desserts Made With Pudding

Still not satisfied with all of those pudding desserts? Don't worry! I've got more mouthwatering and easy pudding recipes for you here!

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