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Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

Delight your little ones with these fun and colorful Thanksgiving desserts for kids! These dessert ideas are so cute and tasty, that even the adults will find them irresistible!

These Thanksgiving desserts for kids range from cookies to cheesecakes, fluff desserts, trail mix, fudge recipes, and more. Discover all of these dessert recipes below and don’t hesitate to give them all a try!

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Whether it’s your first time celebrating Thanksgiving with the kids or not, this post is here to help you find new creative and kid friendly dessert ideas that will make their Thanksgiving more fun and memorable. These ideas are easy to make, and you can get the kids involved toWhat will kids eat at Thanksgivi

What is the most eaten dessert on Thanksgiving?

Classic desserts such as pies (pumpkin, apple, pecan, cranberry, egg custard, and more) and pumpkin rolls are still considered the most eaten desserts on Thanksgiving. 

Although the little ones will like these desserts, it wouldn’t hurt to try more creative and adorable kid friendly dessert ideas to impress and delight them. This list of Thanksgiving desserts for kids will help you do just that. 

Easy Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

You can whip up these desserts in a flash. These Thanksgiving inspired dessert recipes call for a few simple ingredients and only a few minutes of prep time.

Fun Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

These Thanksgiving dessert ideas are not only yummy and sweet but they are also fun and colorful! There's no doubt that these desserts are going to be a hit!

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