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15 Easy Christmas Fudge Recipes

These quick and indulgent Christmas fudge recipes will be a sweet and fabulous addition to your holiday dessert table! With a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate, peanut butter, red velvet, rocky road, and a lot more — there’s no doubt you’ll find the best holiday treat for everyone to enjoy here. 

Plus, what’s even more amazing about these fudge recipes is that none of them require boiling or a certain temperature to set! These treats are super simple to make, only need basic ingredients, and are delicious.

Scroll down below and grab the chance to make your cookie plate, Christmas stockings, and gift-giving more fabulous this year with the help of this exciting and festive round-up of Christmas fudge recipes!

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pin showing the finished Christmas fudge recipes to try.

Why make no-boil fudge recipes?

Unlike the traditional fudge recipes that require boiling ingredients such as sugar, butter, and dairy, these no-boil fudge recipes don’t need any of those. 

With these easy fudge recipes, you also don’t have to worry about the cooking time, temperature, and other factors that may ruin traditional fudge. 

Instead, what you have to think about is how you will be able to stop munching these delicious treats once you’ve tasted them! They are just so simple yet irresistible, you’ll be proud to share them with everyone. 

What is the secret to making the best fudge?

There are only two things to take note of to make sure that your Christmas fudge will taste and come out perfectly:

  • Use high quality ingredients 

The ingredients you use will make a difference. Chocolate is a biggy. Buy good chocolate for the best taste. If the recipe calls for name-brand products, stick to the brands they call for. They’ve been tested that way and the recipe creator knows what works best. 

  • Be careful when melting your chocolate

Most likely, the only “cooking” you will have to do when making these fudge recipes is when you melt your chocolate. Whatever type of chocolate you are heating, don’t heat it too quickly or burn it because it can affect the taste and texture of your fudge.

This isn’t really necessary but it’s an excellent tip if you don’t want to scratch the bottom of your square glass or porcelain baking dish. Plus, it makes the final product even more presentable. You can pop your fudge out easily and slice them evenly on a cutting board.

15 Christmas Fudge Recipes

The Best Fudge Recipes to Make this Christmas

Whether it's for gift-giving or Christmas parties, you'll love to share these tasty fudge with your friends and family! These Christmas fudge recipes are oh-so-quick and easy to make. You should try them all!

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