Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

A Thanksgiving feast will not be complete without some sweet treats. To help you set up your holiday dessert table, here are some festive and fall themed Thanksgiving dessert ideas that you can try.

Turkey might be the star of every Thanksgiving meal but fall desserts are just as important in bringing out the holiday cheer. From the classic pie recipes to all kinds of apple and pumpkin desserts and other unique dessert ideas, you’ll have plenty of options here.

Some of these Thanksgiving dessert ideas are make-ahead friendly while some are ready in a few minutes. So regardless of whether you are preparing in advance or looking to whip up something at the last minute, there’s surely a perfect recipe for you here. 

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What desserts do you have on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is not all about the turkey. Carrot pie and other fall desserts also make every holiday feast more festive and fun.

Aside from different flavors of pies (pumpkin, apple, pecan, and more), seasonal pumpkin and apple desserts, dump cakes, and jello recipes are also a big hit on Thanksgiving. You can find some amazing recipes for these fall desserts below.

For more fun and kid friendly desserts for the little ones, you can also check out our exciting collection of Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

How do you set up a Thanksgiving dessert table?

Setting up a Thanksgiving dessert table is easier than you might think. First things first, you have to look for a great spot. You can set up a table somewhere or use your separate counter area (if you have one.)

Once you are decided, cover your table or counter with a festive linen or table runner. To serve pies and cakes, consider using a cake stand; for cupcakes, use two or more cupcake stands too. This will elevate and highlight your favorite desserts more.

You can also place your cookies on mini crates for a more rustic feel. Plus, you can use some Thanksgiving themed napkins for added decoration.

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Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

If you love pumpkin and apple desserts, this section of our list will be your heaven. These dessert recipes are not only delicious, but they only require a little time and effort to make as well.

Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren't Pie

If you're already decided on the pie recipe you're making and are looking for something new for your dessert table, these Thanksgiving desserts are worth the try! 

Unique Thanksgiving Desserts

Explore more unique Thanksgiving dessert ideas with these recipes. These recipes are sure to leave you wanting more!

Looking for more Thanksgiving recipes?

Hopefully, this collection of Thanksgiving dessert ideas will help you finalize the list of desserts you want for your dessert table. To help you complete your Thanksgiving dinner menu, here are more collections of recipes that you can check out!

Whether you need main or side dish ideas, these posts will not disappoint. Plus, you can also find recipes perfect for your Thanksgiving leftovers here!

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