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How to Organize Your Purse Like a Boss!

Anyone who carries a purse knows what it’s like to be searching for something important and it’s always just slightly out of reach. With these purse organization tips you can transform your purse from a bottomless pit of despair into a perfectly neat place to store all of your on the go essentials.

Just a few minutes and a few simple changes and you will be able to create a plan that makes your purse functional and well organized no matter the size, style, or shape.

Any who carries a purse knows what it's like to be searching for something important and it's always just slightly out of reach. With these purse organization tips you can transform your purse from a bottomless pit of despair into a perfectly neat place to store all of your on the go essentials. 

Purse Organization | How to Organize Your Purse Like a Boss! 

Here are some easy to use tips for purse organization. It’s not as hard as you might think to get into a great routine that will make your life so much easier when it comes to locating items in your purse!

Sort contents and purge trash

Step one in any purse organization has to be purging trash and sorting contents! Before you even begin to really look at getting things organized you have to get rid of the clutter and junk in your purse.

Dump everything out and remove all of the trash. All those old receipts, gum wrappers, old cough drops that look like they’ve been half used…you know the kind of stuff I’m talking about 😉 THOW IT OUT!

Then remove things that aren’t needed like winter gloves in the middle of summer, and 27 pens. Next separate everything into groups of like items. All makeup together. Chargers or electronic pieces like ear buds, bluetooth attachments, and such together. Kids toys or items for kids together. You get the idea. Once you have your items grouped up it’s easier to see what you have duplicates of and reduce the pile. It never fails. All my lip balms end up in my purse so it’s a good chance to get back down to your essentials!

Use makeup bags for more than just makeup

The next stop on our purse organization journey is smaller bags like makeup or cosmetics bags! Remember those piles we created of like items? We’re going to organize them into small bags to place into our bigger purses. If you are carrying a small purse you might want to get one makeup pouch that is divided into smaller sections to help organize your essentials.

Makeup bags are great for keeping your purse organized. In years past, using plastic storage bags was popular but they wouldn’t last for long and they’re not great for the environment.

Simple cloth or vinyl makeup bags are much better. If you like to be able to see what is in your bags you can use the clear vinyl bags. I like to just use different bags for different items and then eventually I remember which bag holds what stuff!

By putting items into makeup bags and those bags into the purse, your things don’t have as much of a chance to get cluttered. You can simply grab the bag you need and open to get contents out with ease.

Some ideas for what to put into your makeup or cosmetics bags for purse organization: 

Here are some of the ways you can breakup your items into makeup or cosmetics bags. If you don’t have room for this many bags you can always combine them. Makeup and hygiene products can go together with ease and your first aid items can likely fit in there as well! Your kids are going to want to take your notepad and pen for drawing anyway so there you go! Easy to combine if you’d prefer to only carry a few smaller pouches.

  • Makeup
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Pens & notepad
  • Small kids toys
  • First aid

Use pockets and zipper areas wisely

Finally, use your pockets and built in zipper compartments wisely! The last stop on our purse organization journey is here…built in pockets and compartments.

Instead of just tossing everything into your purse, take a few moments to utilize all of the zipper pockets and areas on the inside and outside of your purse. Put things in easy reach that you use most frequently. For me, things like lip balm, my phone, and earbuds go into those smaller side pouches. I use the zipper compartment for my beauty items like a stick of concealer, hair bands, and a comb, along with my feminine hygiene products. Things like hand sanitizer can tuck into outside pockets easily so that I can get to them without opening my purse or smaller pouches.

Do you always lose your keys? Keys can hook inside a front pocket or onto a strap. I have a key hook that attaches to my bag strap and then I just clip my keys onto that so they’re easy to find and never floating around the bottom of my bag when I get to the car.

Your cosmetics bags bags can go into your purse easily, with zippered pockets being used for your wallet or other more important items that you access more frequently.

Purse dumped over with contents spilling out.

Purse Organization Overall…

Organizing your purse is really very simple. By eliminating things you don’t need, and sorting what you do need into categories that can go into pockets or bags, you will make it easy to keep your purse organization on point! Gone are the days of rooting endlessly to the bottom of your purse for things that are always just out of your grasp.

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