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11 Cranberry Salad Recipes

Add more festive vibes to your holiday menu by trying these delicious cranberry salad recipes. Whether you have spare fresh or dried cranberries or cranberry sauce, you can whip up a tasty cranberry salad to level up your Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Year’s dinner table.

Cranberries are a must during the holidays. But this fruit does not only make the perfect sauce — and even the sauce itself can be a wonderful ingredient to side dishes. 

If you are looking for more ways to enjoy cranberries not just during the holidays but all year round, you’ll love browsing this collection of festive cranberry salad recipes. Check them out below and give them a try!

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What kind of cranberry do I need to make these salad recipes?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can use fresh, dried, and even cranberry sauce to make these tasty cranberry salad recipes.

Fresh cranberries are full of flavor. You can certainly eat them raw but their tart taste may not suit your palate. Instead, you can incorporate fresh and raw cranberries with salads just like some of the recipes below. 

On the other hand, dried cranberries come sweetened or unsweetened and are often used for snacking. If you want, you can also make dried cranberries at home using the oven. 

Lastly, cranberry sauce, either canned or homemade, is a versatile ingredient for all kinds of recipes. It’s not surprising that it can be used in salads too!

How long is cranberry salad good for?

Fresh cranberries will keep in the fridge for three to four weeks while dried cranberries can last six to twelve months at room temperature. 

On the other hand, cranberry sauce stored in airtight containers in the fridge is good for up to two weeks and about two months if placed in the freezer. 

Usually, the put-together cranberry salads are good in the fridge for three to four days. The longevity of cranberry salads will depend on the ingredients of the recipe. Make it a point to read each recipe carefully so you will know how long the salads will last. 

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The Best Kitchen Gear for Making Cranberry Salads

Equip your kitchen with the right set of tools to make these cranberry salad recipes a breeze. Below are some of the items that will be helpful in prepping, making, and serving these side dishes. 

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11 Cranberry Salad Recipes

My Favorite Cranberry Salad Recipes You Should Try

Get into the festive mood and try these super easy and delicious cranberry salad recipes today! You can even enjoy these recipes all year round and add them to your meal plans. 

Other Must Try Salad Recipes for Cranberries

Don't miss out on these awesome recipes! Consider adding them to your holiday menus or meal plans!

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