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Jello Recipes for Thanksgiving

Looking for new jello recipes for Thanksgiving? This post will not disappoint! Whether it’s for the kids or the adults, there are awesome jello recipes to impress everyone!

Jello is one of the easiest and most affordable snacks and desserts that you can whip up anytime, with or without occasion. If you want to enjoy Jello in more ways than one and find new delicious recipes to add to your Thanksgiving menu, I’ve got you covered!

In this post, you can find several old fashioned jello salad recipes with a twist, jello shots for adults, and of course, fruit filled jello recipes that will make you drool.

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These recipes are quick and easy to prepare and only need a few easy to find ingredients. Don’t think twice, give them a try!

How long does Jello salad last in the fridge?

Homemade jello can last for up to seven days in the fridge. You have to remember to put it in a sealed container to ensure that it won’t absorb any odor in the refrigerator. 

Take note that the shelf life of jello salad will still depend on the fillings you made it with. If you’ve chosen a fruit filled jello recipe, it’s best to consume it within about four days. 

The texture of your homemade jello continues to change the longer you store it in the fridge. If possible, gobble up your leftovers immediately so you can enjoy it at the best quality.

You can tell that your jello salad is spoiled once it develops an off odor, color, or texture. Although it’s not likely you will have a lot of leftovers, take note of these tips just in case. 

Can you freeze a congealed salad?

Technically, jello or congealed salad can be frozen since they are made with water and sugar. However, like some other foods, this storage method is not suggested because jello salad loses its texture when frozen and thawed.

Jello doesn’t harden like ice because of its gelatin content. The process of freezing damages the colloids and polymers that keeps the gelatin’s jiggly texture. When thawed, frozen jello just separates into a gooey mess. 

But on the brighter side, some of these jello recipes are make-ahead friendly. Do not miss this chance to check them out, so your Thanksgiving day will be a little less hectic.

Must Have Kitchen Tools for Making Jello Recipes at Thanksgiving

These kitchen tools will not only help you whip up these jello recipes in a flash, but they will also make your Thanksgiving preparations a bit easier too. Double check your kitchen arsenal to ensure you already have these items on hand.

Preparing impressive dishes on Thanksgiving does not have to be difficult and time consuming. Having the right set of kitchen tools will help a lot in improving your cooking experience!

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Jello Recipes for Thanksgiving

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