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25 Delicious Cool Whip Desserts

End your meals with a sweet note by whipping up these creamy, decadent, and delightful cool whip desserts! These dessert recipes are not just quick and easy to make, but they are all very delicious as well!

Cool whip is a delectable treat perfect for adding a touch of extra sweetness to any kind of dessert. It’s an amazing ingredient for no-bake treats, salads, dips, and a lot more!

If you are looking for a no muss and no fuss dessert to level up your meals and even family gatherings, potlucks, and parties, you’ll never go wrong with these amazing cool whip desserts! Keep scrolling below and you will surely find a new dessert for the whole family to enjoy. 

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Can you substitute whipping cream for Cool Whip?

Yes. Of course! These ingredients are often interchangeable although they have differences. 

While whipping cream is only made using heavy whipping cream, cool whip, on the other hand, is made up of skim milk, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil, and light cream. Cool Whip is also known for having a heavier texture and longer shelf life than whipping cream.

If you want a more natural ingredient, you can opt for whipping cream. According to Pastry Chef Online, the best cool whip substitute is cream whipped to medium-to-firm peaks so it won’t be too soft. 

What can you make out of Cool Whip?

Making a delicious and impressive dessert couldn’t be simpler and easier thanks to cool whip. As long as you have a tub of cool whip, you can whip up a fantastic and creamy dessert that will require minimal to no effort.

From tasty dips to creamy salads to no-bake pies and cakes, there’s a high chance that you’ll find a new family and party favorite here! Make sure to check them all out below!

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What kitchen essentials do I need to prepare to make these amazing cool whip desserts?

You can make these irresistibly delicious cool whip desserts without any hassle especially if you have the right set of kitchen tools. Make it a point to check your kitchen for these items below.

The following items will be useful in making and serving these cool whip desserts. Consider ordering these items online to make your kitchen experience stress-free, more fun, and delightful. 

Best Desserts Made with Cool Whip

These cool whip desserts are sure to please the crowd! Make sure to take note of these dessert recipe ideas for your next party, family gathering, or potluck.

Easy Cool Whip Desserts

Don't stress yourself in thinking of easy dessert recipes to impress your family and even guests. These easy cool whip desserts are mouth wateringly delicious but are super simple to make, even the kids can whip them up. 

More Recipes for Cool Whip Desserts

Enjoy cool whip in more ways than one and check out more of these cool whip desserts! 

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